POEMS IN STONE - Membranes 12" LP

POEMS IN STONE - Membranes 12" LP

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POEMS IN STONE - Membranes 12" LP £8.00


POEMS IN STONE - Membranes 12" LP

POEMS IN STONE - Membranes 12" LP Limited x 100 pressed on 180gm black virgin vinyl. With hand screened sleeve + inserts.
Release Date: 11th November 2011.

Lunar Side: 1. Silver Umbilicle 2. House Inside The Life Unlived 3. The River Is 4. City At The End 5. Serpentine Circularis
Solar Side: 1. Psychoduct 2. Dissolving Song

"The eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh year of our new millennium sees the arrival of MEMBRANES the most recent release by Matt Lord in the non-linear song jacket of his invention POEMS IN STONE.
When asked about the title of the new album ML had this to say:
“I’ve been thinking about the passage of time and the movement of our brains in that space and it seems to me that our very beings are passing through, in a pretty constant fashion, all manner of doors, gates and walls that we can’t perceive with our usual senses. It feels like I’m going through membranes of a vast material, it makes me want to sing these songs.”
The record is split between a solar and lunar side.
The lunar side is typically wabi sabi in it’s texture having been recorded in a dilapidated agricultural barn in rural France.
By way of homage to the ceasing of the Mayan calendar ML composed the 16 minute opus PSYCHODUCT which takes up a good chunk of the solar side. This piece is an invocation of the Mayan King Pacal Votan and takes it’s name from the tube that ran from his burial chamber to the very tip of his pyramidic tomb. For this ML enlisted the help of fellow noise workers Joey Chainsaw, Alice Kemp and Mike McInerney.
MEMBRANES is the second release by POEMS IN STONE for onec records."


"The lunar side, recorded in a dilapidated barn in France, is guitar based, folkish... poetry caught in a spider’s web of weird sonic inflections… these cracks in the paintwork truly shine, grasp at you hypnotically as the words eradiate their meanings. A sense of purpose and tarnished beauty embalmed in the delivery, akin to that of King Crimson or a pre 'Real World' Peter Gabriel. The accompanying instrumentation often gentle or deliberately grating… a psych drenched and evocative build up that warms you up for the sonic sprawl of the flip side.

The solar side plumbs for a more improvised route. A 17min cacophony called Psychoduct which languishes more on the side of narcotic torpor than violent outburst... That doom laden/ magma type narration fading out on the espers of backward shiver and heart murmur… The shear of glassy eye reflections taking over, blurring out multiples… unholy architectures lurching in contrasting textures… Scars of school bells, loose piano nails, distant yelling and other discordances as tattered feedback spectres close round fragments of chords, echoes of trumpet … tremors of cymbal… A ghostly realisation cut into shanty wobbles of dying breath. The Dissolving Song ends the album, a stark vocal type venture, almost too naked... patched back into psych central with a serene squeezebox accompaniment. Beautiful stuff ... The more you listen the more this release gives out the goods, my only wish is that Monsieur Chainsaw was still here to enjoy it."