hello all,

thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Ivan The Tolerable lathe, they are being shipped today, and they sound pretty awesome, the best quality lathe cuts we've had done yet and all cut on a 1940s lathe. We still have a couple left, click on the pic below if you want one.

and another big thanks to those who ordered the Girl Sweat / Yugoslavian Boys split 12", these will be shipping in the next couple of weeks. Its going to be on 180g black vinyl, with a fold over sleeve, insert and limited x 100.  Click on the image below to order.

Girl Sweat play drugged out noise swirling through the garage spectrum in a kind of Boxcar Satan post industrial blues way. Whilst the Yugoslavian Boys serve up a refreshing pummelling with a stripped down line up of bass, drums & synth. Their live shows are notoriously raucous and this recording goes some way to capturing that raw energy.

Girl Sweat side:
1.Vultures 2. World Of Meat 3. Shakti 4. Holy Mountain 5. Krocodil 6. Tung Fur
Yugoslavian Boys side:
1. Wheres The Head 2. Downtown Gnasher 3. Skeletons 4. You're So Vain 5. POW 6. Ten Heads 7. Ricky's Back 8. The Wall

cheers and keep dry!