It gives us great pleasure to let you know that you can now order the BILDERS (NZ) 7" square lathe cut from our shop, as ever just click on the artwork below to get there.

A1 - Wonders A2 - Port (Recorded at Depot Sound, Devonport, NZ. Jan 2011)

B1 - Dirty & Disgusting (Live at WHAMMY! Auckland, NZ. Jan 2011)

Fold over card sleeve, colour insert & labels. Limited x 50.

Bilders is the name generally used for various lineups of musicians led by Bill Direen. The first Bilders sprang from Vacuum (1977-79) and is known as Six Impossible Things, Die Bilder, Kazaportico, Above Ground, Bilderbergers, Builders, Soluble Fish and other sessions. Bilders' material is known for 'rough' music making (often live in the studio), and a lo-fi recording style that has produced “many genuine classic compositions”.

You can listen to the opening track, Wonders, here:

Coming soon: SCRATCHCARD LUNG tape, EYES 12" and the HEY COLOSSUS 8" lathe cut.

all the best,