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you can now order our new release should you so wish!

HEY COLOSSUS - Witchfinder General Hospital 12" b/w The Butcher (onec026)

Black heavyweight vinyl, silkscreened fold over sleeve, printed labels + insert. Limited x 100

This was going to be an 8" lathe but happily morphed into a 12". Witchfinder General Hospital suspends reality and time with its sheer enormity, the instrumental vibe jams its way through almost 16 minutes and is backed up with the equally transcending The Butcher (9:09mins).

Ships from 8th October 2012

You can listen to the full version of Witchfinder General Hospital right here.

Click on the art below to get a copy. Get in touch if you wish to pay by cash/cheque/money orders.

Also we have just a handful of copies left of the Girl Sweat / Yugoslavian Boys split 12", go here.

Here's a review from the fine folks at Rottenmeats, "This split 12" between Yugoslavian Boys and Girl Sweat grips you by the throat. The proceedings start with Yugoslavian Boys, who ram raid your thought processes in head charge of drums and hacksawing guitars. An hi-octane joy of incessant keyboards and shouty cuffs, driving home the goods in repeated hysteria and jibing gorilla fists with some squalling trumpets thrown in for good measure. On the flip Girl Sweat play it from a more psycho-Cramps angle. Dredging bass and barbed wire choked guitars complimenting a lustful spread of drums that smack through all that crooner salvia in fat sloppy heartbeats. This bolt of fun certainly blows the dust clean away."


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