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Black heavyweight vinyl, fold over sleeve with inserts. Edition of 150. (onec025)

Shipping early January 2013 in cruciform mailers! Click on the sleeve art to order.

We saw Queer’d Science (Manchester) at Supernormal earlier in the year, it was a Sunday afternoon and I was feeling a little jaded, hung over and a tad smelly and to say they blew away all of those and took Kath and I to another place and another dimension would be an understatement. We managed to grab a copy of their Girls Gone Wild CD from the merch tent and then it was a case of hoping they’d like to release something on One C, and here we are! Five new tracks of frenzied blood and guts split all over the floor for you to step into.

I first came across Year Of Birds (Middlesbrough) when I got hold of their split 12” with The Rebel towards the end of last year, we were mightily impressed with the angular sounds and sheer range of musical ideas that ran through their songs. The eleven tracks that feature on this new record are their finest to date, they build on their previous output with a focus and precision that takes you on a furious journey through a transgression of pure musical joy.

Queer’d ScienceWrench. 1. Vaginal Wrath  2. America's Next Top Modem 3. Denbigh Menstrual 4. Blood Sabbatical 5. Requiem For Liberace Wolf

Year Of BirdsJaw. 1. Textbook Frown 2. Art Colony 3. The Graph I Drew 4. The Much Admired Legwater 5. I Am A Magpie 6. Jewel In The Crown

                                      7. The Past Is An Area Of My Pocket 8. Magic Marker 9. Barwick 10. European Witch 11. Average Evenings

You can listen to a couple of tracks from the record right here:

all the best for 2013!


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